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Our Heating Auto Control products are Knob Heatig Thermostat, LCD Heatig Thermostat, Programmable Heatig Thermostat, Wireless Heatig Thermostat, Bolier Controller, Electronic Heating Separator, Elec-thermal Separator, Water-mixing Temperature Control Centre, Elec-thermal Acutator, Thermal Control Valve, Heating Energy Meter, Intelligent Heating Centre Controller, Heating Billing Control System etc,. Action jewelry encinitas ca Action jewelry encinitas ca Elex has powerful research foundation,excellent experiment,precise testing and steady production. Our Industry Garden covers 7 Acres, whose total Floor Area is 15280 Square Meters. We owns more than RMB 40,000,000 net asset and 500 staffs. And it has obtained the Certificates of ISO9001:2000, EMC, CE, RoHS, UL, CCEE and so on. Now,we have yearly capacity of 5,000,000 pcs of Thermostats, 400,000 sets of Motorized Valve, 20,000 sets of Elec-thermal Actuator, 100,000 sets of separator and etc.. Brand Name: ELEX.

Electrical Floor Heating Digital Room Thermostat with Backlight 16A, Measures 86 x 86 x 12mm. Action jewelry encinitas ca . Product Description Thermostat are designed to prov >automatic ON/OFF control for gas valves, circulation pumps, relays and zone valves in all heating, cooling, or heating/cooling installations where single or changeover switching. Action jewelry encinitas ca Action jewelry encinitas ca fully automatic sealing machines.
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