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any trade that involves a murky is an unfair trade. Is it just me or does murky sound like something from spore. I know they had the same voice actor. The Button image URL (16×16) option for List Item Menu custom actions do not appear in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint online. The Rights mask option is used to display the custom action only to users that have the role that is listed. This allows the ability to not show actions to people who should not see them. For example, this can be used to only allow users who have ManageLists permissions the ability to trigger an approval workflow via a custom action. A list of available Rights masks are located here . The Sequence number helps set the order of where it will fall. For List Item Menu actions you need to go over 1190 to get to the bottom. Using 2000 should be a safe bet. Ram fighting other rams

To include “null” or “empty” date time values just remove the minus (-) sign. There are few ways that we can improve SharePoint workflow services. Ram fighting other rams Now you have to find the culprit feature and delete it. You cannot use ID for getting your feature, neither use Unistall-SPFeature cmdlet with ID:
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