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12 01. Theme: Social Value & Equality- Local Employment The Local Economy- employment, training and skills theme will contribute to the Camden Plan strategic objective of developing new solutions with partners to reduce inequality and creating conditions for and harnessing the benefits of economic growth Procurement Current position The employment, training and skills of local residents are not adequately considered in our procurements. Our Vision To develop key partnerships and embed employment, training and skills considerations into our procurement processes to tackle inequality and support economic growth. Delivering the Equality Agenda Local employment, training and skills 1. Local partnershipsi. Leader s Procurement Pledge- creating the conditions, internally and externally, to support the delivery of the pledge made by London Council Leaders to create employment and skills for London residents. ii. Establish a pilot scheme- with Jobcentre Plus to recruit our key suppliers to engage local residents. Establishing a robust mechanism to generate local employment through promotion with local Jobcentre Plus and other employment and skills agencies iii. Hard to reach and long term unemployed- build into our contracts an employment strategy for the hard to reach and long term unemployed Camden residents. Work with the Employment & Skills Network to promote jobs and skills opportunities to Camden residents & vulnerable groups. 2. Creating local employment, training and skills opportunitiesi. create employment, training and skills opportunities ii. iii. iv. through contracts. These will include work placements, training, work experience and any other suitable programmes expand opportunities to include other business sectors not considered before such as Leisure, IT, Care Services, transport etc The aim is to provide more effective methods of reaching unemployed local residents Working with other Boroughs and the Skills Council to create an apprenticeship programme for those seeking a career in Procurement. 3. London Living Wage- ensuring that LLW is considered in all our contracts and paid as appropriate to our contractors and sub-contractors employees who deliver services on our behalf. 4. Workforce standards- work closely with Camden s suppliers to ensure that equality, fairness and development are applied to all their employees delivering services for Camden residents. 5. Management Information-developing MIs to enable us to have a clearer view of employment opportunities in our contracts and to ensure these opportunities are being provided through our contracts. Case Study 1. J started visiting The Hive and has been introduced to a baking group in the morning which she attends regularly with other young people. She also engages well in the arts and crafts sessions. Although she still suffers from periods of low mood, she communicates well with her worker and they are able to work around times when she is unable to leave her house. Detroit lions national anthem auditions celtics

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Impact Factor 2018: 3.476. Rezi outlast 2 youtube Rezi outlast 2 youtube Rezi outlast 2 youtube It is related in the report the timeframe of sightings in some of the cases they studied where witnesses of deceased people had no idea of their passing. Surprisingly, some apparitions are actually seen pre-mortem (before the death of the person): In sum and above all, where an expert evidentiary issue is determined of sufficient consequence to warrant filing an in limine motion in the first place, never more true is the adage that “a job worth doing is worth doing well.”
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