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But this cannot continue forever. Everyone must understand that, including our American friends and partners. It is impossible to keep humiliating one’s partners forever in such a way. That kind of relationship breaks down; I know this, I’ve been here a long time. You can draw them in now and force them to do some things, but this cannot continue forever, and certainly not in Asia – especially not in Asia. There are countries there that truly – there are few such nations in the world – that really command their sovereignty. They treasure it and won’t let anybody near it. In June, F4J legal advisor Michael Cox was jailed for 42 days for refusing to pay child maintenance, arguing that as he looked after his children half the time, he already supported his kids. F4J organised protests supporting Michael outside Horfield Prison in Bristol and an interview with his sons in the Sunday Telegraph. Pick your favorite car to race down in the city tr.

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