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Menawhile, ISIS carried out a large attack against the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Syrian desert. The US and Jordanian special forces took part in repelling of this attack. Locals from Al-Mafraq have talked about hearing a large number of explosions and jets flying on the Syrian side of the border. Al-Dustour Board Chairman: Iran's Presence On Our Border – An Intolerable Strategic Threat. Top Training.

Among specific missions carried out by the Jordanian JSOC are raids on key enemy installations, strategic recon, rescue of POWs or evacuation of civilians, organizing and training guerrillas, search and rescue, assistance to friendly Arab nations, counterterrorist operations, interdiction of infiltration and smuggling (especially along the Iraq border), internal security, dignitary protection, training of other Jordanian armed forces units, training for Jordanian law enforcement, training for officers and NCOs from other friendly countries, participation in joint training with other countries and participation in United Nations missions. Note that the various training and assistance missions carried out by the JSOC are very important, as the Jordanian operators are among the best-trained in the Middle East and as Arabs can work closely with many other Middle Eastern countries that might not welcome Western special forces operators. Among the countries that have received training from Jordanian special operators are Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen. River ridge high school volleyball fighting ude Blancaflor claimed that he strictl! o&serves a polic! of refusin to reduce the reuired &ail in dru-related cases even if approval is recommended &! the investiatin prosecutor. Fe could not also order Catuda!As release &ecause it +as ude On9e9o +ho  ranted his motion to reduce &ail@ in his vie+, ude On9e9o should also order Catuda!As r elease. ude Blancaflor cons > t the motions to reduce &ail of Catuda! and Namplata to (apuan Restaurant in 3ila, 0auna for his approval. Fe maintained that RiveraAs account +as simpl! untrue &ecause as a matter of polic!, he does not allo+ court personnel o ran! other person for thatmatter, to &rin the case records or an! part thereof outs > a restaurant in 3ila, 0auna, nor a house, chapel and resort in 3asan8an, 0auna.
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