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4. GROOMING POLICY All new hires must follow the grooming standards for the Scranton Police Department. The grooming standards are set forth in Scranton Police Department Policy 14-001, which covers hair, facial hair, tattoos, fingernails and other grooming standards. Most notably, all new hires are prohibited from any visible tattoos or body art on the face and/or neck or below the wrist on the hands/fingers. Any offensive tattoos or body markings are also prohibited. The General Summary and Principal Duties and Responsibilities sections summarized above provide a representative listing only and should not be regarded as a complete statement of tasks performed by incumbents of this position. It should be recognized, therefore, that employees may be asked to perform job related duties in addition to those outlined above. HEIGHT & WEIGHT : Must be in proportion.

C# Engineer ( Middle Office) | Hedge Fund | SF. True football manager 2009 free players Noche, from Smidvarg's Night Terrors. Thanks snowflake! Every series has a Kuriboh. GX has Winged Kuriboh owned by Judai, 5D's has Kuribon owned by Ruka, ZEXAL has Kurivolt and Rainbow Kuriboh owned by Yuma, as well as Kite's Kuriphoton, and VRAINS has Linkuriboh, owned by Yusaku. The 5D's manga also has Junkuriboh, used by Yusei, while the ARC-V manga has Performapal Kuriborder, used by Yuya.

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