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7) Luigi's Mansion (Mario Kart DS) "Made by manchildren for manchildren, this game is juvenile with all of its blood-splatter, macho man bullcrap, and sophomoric story." Gears of War 2 (360) "Having a star stolen from you: angering, stealing a star from your angry older brother: priceless." Mario Party (N64)

On the technical side of the things, the resolution of the DS just isn't enough when compared to the Genesis. To fix this, the screen was squished to make the proper resolution work for the games to run. It's a noticeable difference, but nothing too bad. Incidentally, there's something to be said about the amount of glitches and slowdown. Once I fell straight through a floor in the Green Hill Zone and died. It's odd when SEGA isn't even competent enough to handle emulating their own games that they have to give their games off to one contracted person to do them. Warr acres police salary texas As you'd expect when an enthusiastic community is suddenly given the tools, albeit inadvertently through a glitch, to create majestic dong art, players are having fun: Warr acres police salary texas Rhode wind turbine action group greenville Warr acres police salary texas

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