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Zeilmakerij molenaar openingstijden action The histologic appearance of leiomyosarcoma of soft tissue exhibits significant variability. Typical features include a highly cellular field, with abundant pink to deep red cytoplasm on H&E staining. Cells are arranged in fascicles, and in well-differentiated tumors these fascicles are often arranged at right angles, allowing identification of both longitudinal and cross-sectional areas within one field. The nuclei are usually centrally located, and are classically described as cigar-shaped. One of the key features is the presence of myofibrils that are longitudinal and run the length of the cell. As the cells become increasingly de-differentiated, they become disorganized, and begin to lose their distinguishing characteristics. 4. Zeilmakerij molenaar openingstijden action GIST = Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor. Previously thought to be a special case of GI LMS and extremely resistant to treatment. Now known to be a different kind of cancer, with a specific treatment that controls the growth. $25,000 Grant : This tissue study was performed in conjunction with a clinical trial on several types of sarcoma, including LMS.

Sailing Dinghy Club Racing. Zeilmakerij molenaar openingstijden action In a drifter keep the boat down by the bow and heeled to leeward. This reduces resistance due to wetted surface and keeps the sails filled by gravity. To windward, let the sails out more than usual. You are not going to point anyhow because the foils don’t have much flow so go straight in the direction the boat would slideslip anyhow. Keep the leach of the main open by using no vang and allowing or causing the boom to lift. One way on some boats is pulling the traveller car all the way to windward and then letting the mainsheet out. Get the spinnaker pole off the boom. On the jib, slide the fairlead car forward, inducing more curvature to the sail. But don’t overtrim. SPEED! Most boats carry around water in the bilge. One inch of water in the bottom of an Optimist Dinghy weighs almost 100 pounds! Try throwing a milk jug full of water in your bilge. While it seems miniscule, that water weighs 8 pounds. It rolls to the low side every time you heel. Zeilmakerij molenaar openingstijden action

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